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Dhaka started to be empty on Eid Vacation & Eid Preparation

Today (08 Sept, 2010) after photo walk in Kamalapur Railway Station, me and sunny planned to go new market to buy a travel beg for him. We also planned to have an interval in High Court Mazar sharif.

Empty Malibag area

Earlier in railway station, we felt the emptiness in Dhaka, but we observed it clearly in road when we took rickshaw to go High Court Mazar. Most chaotic circles like Malibag, Shantinagar, Kakrail was almost empty comparing other regular days.

Empty Shantinagar circle

Empty Kakrail Circle

Empty Segun Bagicha

Empty High Court Area

Within a short time we reached High Court Mazar Sharif. Me and sunny visited Shrine of Khawja Sharfuddin Chisti (R) in High Court Mazar. After visiting I planned to take some photos of High Court Eidgah field preparation.

Preparation 01

Preparation 02

Preparation 03

Preparation 04

Preparation 05

After taking some photos of Eidgah, we went to new market but didn’t took many photos. We was hell tired.

Part of Dhaka New Market

I hope within next tow days, Dhaka will be more free city to move and we will have some good days here in the capital.

Had a party ifter party with best friends

Fahad, Mishu, Tarif & Sunny (from top left)

if you ask me who are your oldest best friend whom with you still connected then my answer will be Sunny, Mishu, Fahad & Tarif..

basically they are my paternal cousins.. by academic year, sunny, mishu and tarif is one year junior then me and fahad is few more years. from childhood we used to stay in group because of more or less same age group.

a ifter party with cousins/cousin friends is tradition of one year within us. last year (2009) we made this ifter party in Big Adda, Gulshan 1 which is currently not available.

Ifter party 2009

this year we made it in Shalimar Garden Restaurant, Banani. in last year number of total cousins was few higher then this year cause that we included two female cousins, younger brother of me (ehsanul haque bhuiyan) and fahad (farhan), but this year we wanted to make it just within us.

waiting for Athan


result of being late

well, we had a good chat in ifter time though tarif missed the first slot of chat. he was late for starting ifter with us as well due to high traffic jam.

Taste of ifter items by Shalimar was 6.5/10 from me. There wasn’t any special items and they did not had Lassi too :(. Price was 140BDT/Plate. after ifter, we wanted to have tea but shalimar garden was unable to provide us tea just after ifter time. they asked minimum 30 minutes to serve coffee but we rejected their offer and had tea in street side tea stall.

excited sunny

total we five meet after a long long days, thats why we was not much conscious about food rather we was more and more interested in chat.

topic of adda in tea stall was traffic jam of Dhaka city, how our banks are somehow responsible for this & its solution.
Tarif claimed that personal lone scheme is one of the cause of high rate of private car purchase in dhaka as 100+ new car is coming in road where 1 public service bus is not coming in road in each 2 days. A solution of reducing increasing traffic jam could be by increasing CNG/Fuel price. In that case people will be demoralized to buy new private cars.

after tea we enjoyed the best part of todays party.. adda (chat) in fahads house. i’d like to share the issues we discussed there. topics are prova scandal & root cause of the scandal, our social morales & compared with America as western country, our future plans and marriage plan. we discussed about high rate of gold as well. our family history, current status and what future we see was also a hot topic like all of our previous gatherings.. and like most of previous gatherings, we ended the party with no result and best hopes for future.