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Dhaka Kamalapur Railway Station in 29th Ramadan

Stepping on platform

My last visit of Kamalapur Railway Station was in 27th Ramadan, which was a photo walk by TTL. But today Shadow (Kamal Pasha) called me at morning 10.30 that am I interested to go Kamalapur Railway Station as we don’t have any special things to do. For Eid purpose, my office was off and I was free. I said an immediate yes and ask him when he will start, if he can inform me so that we arrive in same time. He also informed that Jenny and Nerood bhai is also going to come. Except me, none of them attended in TTL walk due to other business.

Kamalapur Railway Station Ticket Counter

Shadow called around 11.30AM and I went out right at that moment. I though will not found many people like day before yesterday but I was wrong once again. Found a much bigger line of people in Intercity Ticket Counter waiting to buy tickets. I was surprised.

Waiting for time

When we went into the platform 5 & 6, Joyontica Express (Dhaka-Sylhet) was waiting in platform 6. Found a guy who was pumping a leaver to feed the train oil.

Pumping Oil

By this time Jenny & Nerrod bhai arrived and then I came to know Tahiti was also going to come. Then we had a little discussion standing on platform and waited for Tahiti. By this time we took few photos as well. When she arrived we started again.

who don't want to go home?

I tried to observe many people around the train. Some people was trying to sale their product, some was just walking in free area, some was purchasing chips for their kids.

Sealers 01

Sealers 02

Sealers 03

Sealers 04

In this rush we found a kid named Laden. His family was going home. When we was talking with Laden, his another brother and sister arrived and we took photos of them too.

His name is Laden

Laden and his brother

Laden and his brother 02
Today I’ve learned a lesson..

Whenever a kid smiles, Its the most beautiful thing in the world

no matter from which society he came from, in which country he lives.

Laden and his sister

After shooting Laden, we found another sealer who was sealing wrist watches.. he ask us not to publish his photos in news paper cause that might be harmfulness to him.

Wrist watch sealer

In my opinion, my best photo in this walk is the photo where an old man reading news paper “Amar Desh”

Elo Khushir Eid - Eid of Happiness has arrived

After a long time with Joyontica, we moved to platform 3 where a Broad gauge train was waiting to start for Rajshahi.

The final rush

There was too rush of people to get into the train. After a shot time we planned to officially end the walk.