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TTL Photowalk in Kamalapur Railway Station targeting Eid Rush

Kamalapur Railway Station

As this is a new blog, many things will appear suddenly which might surprise you about me. Surely I’ll tell you another day, actually how did I enter in the world of photography. No matter how did I started this hobby, but if TTL (Through The Lens:Bangladesh) wasn’t beside me, I would not be here today.

TTL arrange photo walks in regular basis and as per the groups tradition from 2008 & 2009, photo walk in Kamalapur Railway Station has been arranged in this year too. As per schedule, walk is suppose to be star at 8.00am and end at 10.00am. In yesterdays adda with cousins, I informed Sunny about the photo walk as he is also a photo enthusiastic.

Kamalapur Railway Station

As per plan, Sunny called me at morning 7.30am but I couldn’t stop me sleeping more 15minutes. Finally I weak up and stepped my 1st step towards todays walk. I reached in Kamalapur at 8.30 and did not find anyone in front of Duch Bangla ATM Booth.

Intercity Ticket Counter

Nobody want to wait for start shooting in this event and I wasn’t surprise. What about I was surprised is unexpected low rush of home going people. Only few peoples was in Intercity & Local train counter line. The biggest line i’ve found was for Balaka Commuter train.

Commuter Train Ticket Counter Line

Ticket Purchase Counter

between platform 2 and 3

After shooting there, I enter in the platform and low rush was also there which surprised me there too.

waiting to start

Today is 27th Ramadan and as per calculation, a little bit rush was expected. Well fight with what you have.. started shooting in low rush.



Passenger 02

Passenger 03

Passenger 04

Kamalapur Railway Station

I attended in any photo walk after a long long days. Experience of shooting & meeting old buddies after a long day was very good. Thanks to Kamrul for lending his ultra wide lens. I really enjoyed shooting with Tokina 11-16mm f/ 2.8.