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Farmer on Paddy Field in Rural side of Bangladesh

Name of the river behind the farmer is Meghna, one of the biggest river in Bangladesh. Location of the photo is in Maizkhola (opened middle place) union in Nasirnagar Thana of Brahman Baria District. This location is our families known root place.

More then 50 years ago, we shifted from here to the opposed side of the river in Bangal Para village of Austagram Thana.

Village Nature of Bangladesh

This landscape is taken in my village Bangalpara in February 2010. The village is located in Austagram thana of Kishoreganj District.

When last time I visited the village, I discovered how beautiful my village is. A true image of Bangladesh is my village. I was in a rust at that visit but I hope to go there again and again with extra time to capture more images of the village.