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Ariful H Bhuiyan – 20 facts about me

Ariful H Bhuiyan

Ariful H Bhuiyan

From the very first days of flickr, I knew that a tagging game is going on here though I don’t know the rule and other things very much. But it is true I liked the idea very much. First time I become interested to write facts about me when Sharif bhai tagged me. I am a damn lazy bone, I took four months to sit for writing. Well it’s better late then never…

Twenty things about me

1. I born in my maternal grandmother’s house in Bhairab Bazar.

2. My academic life passed through studding in
– Sunflower Kindergarten School from playgroup to class 4,
– Bhairab K.B. Pilot High School from class 5 to SSC (1999),
Bangladesh Navy (BN) College, Ctg up to HSC (2001) and
Bhuiyan Institute of Technologies (BIT), Dhaka upto B.Sc.
Admitted in Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) for “M.Sc. in Software Engineering” but stopped in almost at the end. Though I was never a shining student and always had a bad dream of failing in final exam, I loved and still love all my academic life.

3. In childhood, I had a strong desire to become astronomer. I’ve passed almost every night by observing sky through my father’s binocular why out any basic knowledge on sky observation and placement of stars. I used to cut any news about astronomy from newspaper and paste in my personal diary. I still have the diary with news which is at least 15 year old.

4. I was never very interested about sports.

5. Still I want to learn Judo, Karate, taekwondo and other marshal arts!!

6. I think, every 24 hours in my life, I am losing many valuable hours from my life just by sleeping 😦

7. Don’t like to eat much. Most of time I forget about food until I am too much hungry.

8. From 2006, I fall in love with Photography. Started sharing my photos in flickr from 2007 and owned my own DSLR Camera in 2008. The hobby becomes passion \m/.

9. Started blogging in 2008 with a technical blog on “Software Engineering” and a travel & photography blog in 2009 and stopped as well. Working hard to restart my blogging and writing on Travel & Photography Blog.

10. I love my village “Bangal Para” and my childhood city “Bhairab Bazar” other then any places in this world.

11. I love most to visit forests and hill side rather then sea and beaches.

12. I love to read but I am a lower moderate reader. Always I had wishes to read more and more books, stories, poems, articles but can’t manage time to do so 😦

13. I love to watch movies and a moderate watcher. Have no fascination on specific genre. Love to watch movies depending on mood.

14. I love to listen music and songs. Specially love any Sufi songs and flute music. Other genre depends on mood.

15. I am a dreamer. Taken so many projects in life, most of which went fail. Few plans I can remember like a family banking concept named “Friendship Bank (FSB)” which encouraged few of my cousins but ended up with when become bankrupt after buying video came player with all savings (1996), establishing a book library in Bhairab Bazar (2003), developing a game with a plot how to survive in a Dhaka when you are a new comer (2002), to go Mongolia forever (2005), to go Malaysia for M.Sc (2006), opening my own business on tourism (2009), introducing a social network for book readers (www.allbookslist.com domain was purchased but then the plan is down) (2011) and many which I forgot long ago. 100% failure record can’t stop me dreaming and planning new projects because I am a by born dreamer.

16. I get encourage from legends and masterminds of the universe.

17. I believer, “It’s never late for a new start.

18. I believe, Allah created every person with a specific purpose for their life. Whoever discovers his/her purpose becomes the legend. I am always searching what my purpose is!

19. I always wanted to be and still want to be a good and hard working man rather then a successful man.

20. In childhood, someone told me a story. “When a baby born, he cries and everyone laugh. Do something great so that, when you die, you laugh and everyone else cries”. I always remember this. I want to live forever through my work.

My Bucket List

Watching movie is one of my hobby or best time passing tool. I’ve got inspiration to watch movie from my younger brother (Ehsanul H Bhuiyan) who always poke me to watch good movies. Well dont think I never saw movies before his poking but now a days its a bit more than regular schedule. After watching a number of English movies, I’ve found Morgan Freeman is a very strong character that most and most of his movies are good movies. So, I decided to find list of his movies to watch one after another and there I found the movie “The Bucket List (2007)“.

Before that, I was unaware about the term. But liked the idea as soon as I knew it. And the same time, I planned to make my bucket list. So here is the execution of my 2 months old plan.

I’ve planned to make my bucket list in SMART way which means Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. I’ve listed some places of my dream where I want to go and see the nature, man made structures, Countries, What I want to have for me & my family and What I want to do in my life.

Tanguar Haor - Sunamganj, Bangladesh

Places I would like to see
Natural beauty
# Mount Kanchenjunga (India, Nepal)
# Mount Everest (Nepal)
# Guilin Mountains (China)
# Mount Fuji (Japan)
# Sundarbans- Every part of it (Bangladesh, my country)
# Ha Long Bay (Vietnam)
# Serengeti National Park (Tanzania)
# Maasai Mara (Kenya)

High ambitious part of list I can’t stop my self to write it down in my bucket list
# Kashmir (India)
# Grand Canyon (USA)
# Amazon Rainforest (Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia & few more)

In Bangladesh
# Lalon Shah Mazar – Kushtia
# Hardinge Bridge – Bheramara, Kushtia
# Mainamati – Comilla
# Paharpur – Jamalganj, Rajshahi
# Sonadia Island
# Kaptai – Rangamati

Man made beauty
# Al-Masjid al-Nabawi (Saudi Arab)
# Ajmer Sharif (India)
# Taj Mahal (India)
# Great Wall (China)
# Louvre Museum (Musee du Louvre)
# Hagia Sophia (Turkey)
# Forbidden City (Beijing, China)

Countries I would like to go
# China
# India
# Mongolia
# Uzbekistan
# Turkey
# Saudi Arab

I want to have
# My own SUV / Truck
# 2,000 Sq Ft Flat for my living
# A Farmhouse with modern facilities in my village Bangalpara, Austagram.

Things I would like to do
# I would like to build an IT company and one day 1,000+ employees will work there.
# I would build a school where Bangladeshi little geniuses will learn to Dream Big, Think Big and start to Do Big
# I would like to invent & present a process or system which will continuously improve standard of peoples life and the process itself to make the process more efficient

Every things I’ll, every Country I’ll go, Every things I’ll do, I’ll do with my beloved wife Tajia and in most of the events I’ll keep my family with me.

Everyone have their dream, I’ve mine too. May be the list is a little bit healthy but I think if I dont see dream, I will never find energy to fulfill it. My knowledge is limited but scope of learning & knowing is not. There is a good chance that I’ve missed to add some more beautiful places to my visit list, may be i forgot to add more important tasks to add in my TODO list, but I’ll add more things in my list day by day but I’ll not remove anything I put here.

This is first version of my Bucket List. I’ll update the list and I’ve added the informations in blog page. Please find the My Bucket List page for updates.