What are secrets of Professional Photographers?

Among the non professional or armature photographers, people always have some questions on mind that how professional photographers manage their photography?

7 Secrets of Professional Photographers

Photo By mikebaird

Well they are not superman or alien something, they are just like you and me with some extra achievable qualities. Lets have a look on my post inPho2Circle7 Secrets of Professional Photographers 



Photography Tutorial, tips, contest news site

I’ve recently launched a websit
with photography tutorial, tips and latest contest news. Site address is www.pho2circle.com

In the home page, you will find photography techniques, tips; Camera & gear related tips and techniques; Post post processing related tips etc.

The site has a subdomain contains contest news named Pho2Circle Photography Contest News

I hope great success of the site.

My photo on EarthShot.org 2011 07 [Landscape of Pollution by Ariful Haque]

Landscape of Pollution by Ariful Haque

Evidences of Shab e Barat by Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri

Many of modern Maulana’s says that “Shab E Barat” is bedad or new added in islam. Many of un educated muslim like me believe them blindly and dont seek for truth.

Here Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri is providing evidences from Sahih Hadid Sharif and Quran Sharif. You don’t need to believe him, just listen him and search for the references he providing.