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Daily Photo Contest – Pho2Circle Photo of the Day

Welcome to “Pho2Circle Best Photo of the Day Contest“.

Pho2Circle Best Photo of the Day Contest
Pho2Circle Best Photo of the Day Contest

We are glad to inform you that has introduced its new wing “Photo of the Day” daily contest. Today we have launched Photo of the Day wing website and will start receiving Photo submissions from beginners to professional photographers all over the world.

We will start publishing Pho2Circle Best Photo of the Day Award from 16th September, 2011, 12:00am and will continue to publishing one photo each day at 12.00am (as per Dhaka, Bangladesh Time) as we will not stop receiving submission from you . From the submitted photos of last 30 days, we will choose 1 best photo for 1day and 30 day old photos will be removed from our server.

Ensure your submission and grave the chance of showing your best work by wining Pho2Circle Best Photo of the Day award. Photo Submission for the daily contest is free and we accept one photo per day! Thats mean you can submit 7 photos in 1 week!

A short biography of winner, link of facebook, flickr, twitter, your website or blog will be published with the winning photo which will increase your internet traffic.

To know the Entry criteria and Rules and regulations of the contest, visit Submit page.

To submit photo visit Submit HERE.

If you have any query, use our contact form to contact us!




How to use elements in Photography?

Rule of photography is the systematic way of subject and object placement in the frame. Elements of photography are the subject or object that helps the subject by taking part in composition.

How to use Elements of Photography

Photo By Tambako the Jaguar

Examples of elements are

  • Pattern
  • Reflection
  • Lines & Shapes (Geometry)
  • Depth of Field (DOF)
  • Background & Foreground
  • Texture
  • Color

In blog, I described about the elements and how to use them in composition. In the first part 3 Basic Elements for Photo Composition i discussed about Pattern, Reflection and Lines & Shapes. In 2nd part of the blog 4 More Elements for Photo Composition . 

Landscape of Environment Pollution in Bangladesh

In the endless space, between countless stars and thousands of solar systems, we have the lucky “Green Earth” where life exists! Can you measure HOW LUCKY we are :O ?

From millions of years, life is living here with the help of nature and nature is providing all the resources to live, absolutely free. But in return what we doing? We are destroying our mother nature in every way we can just for our short term facilities.

The irony is, we know the future of this massive destruction but we becomes so blind about it!

Washpur, Keraniganj

February, 2011

All rights are reserved. Please don’t use this photo for any commercial, non-commercial or any other purpose without my permission.

To use my photos, please contact at

Photo published in BBC News website

Though its a few day late to say but I believe Late is better then never.

One of my photo is used in BBC News,Uk to show Dhaka as a megacity of Asia. 1week before publishing, they took proper authorization from me. Here is the photo in flickr.

Dhaka from Eagle's eye - I

A BBC Journalist found my photo in flickr and mailed me in flickr that thay want to use the photo with editorial license. As BBC is a very very big brand, I permitted her to use my photo.

Finally they published the photo in 20 June, 2011. Name of the Article is Asian Megacities: Your experiences Click the article name to visit the news.

Here is a screen shot of the news.

Asian Megacity - Dhaka

Asian Megacity - Dhaka

BBC News, Uk