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Higgs Boson, A Bengali Scientists and We!

Today, 4th June, 2012 is one of the biggest day of Science in last 50 year. Today scientist and physicist of CERN has announced that they are 99.999% sure about existence of Higgs Boson. This is official press release of CERN

What is Higgs Boson?

Higgs BosonA dumb like me is not any way capable of understanding such big thing but one quality of me is I never give up! Let me try in very short term.

Higgs Boson (quantum excitation of Higgs Field) is an elementary particle in Standard Model of particle physics. This particle was widely known and God’s Particle. A specific situation of this particle field gives mass to the other elementary particles like quarks, electrons. To know more about Higgs Boson, visit wiki.

Higgs Boson is a particle of Bosons types of particles.

So, What is Bosons?

Subatomic particles has two fundamental classes of them and bosons is one of them. So, Bosons is one of the fundamental class in subatomic particle.  Bosons are characterized by their obedience to Bose–Einstein statistics. And why it call Bosons? Because its named after a surname of self-taught Bengali Scientist Satyendra Nath Bose! Did you start feeling a little bit proud? I did when I know this! He born in Calcutta but was most known as a Bengali Scientist.


satyendra nath boseSatyendra Nath Bose.. Most of us must have known his name. One of his great work Bose-Einstein condensate was started when he was a senior professor (Reader) in Physics Department of University of Dhaka. Its story of back in 1924.

And We?

Many many years gone! Science has advanced in a way it never happen in earth’s life. Now we have latest technology in our hand, greatest communication media.. More people goes to school, college and university but we did not find another Bengali scientist like him.

I don’t know what’s the reason behind that and what you think the reason could be, but what I pointed is, he was a self-taught person. Even if we see history, most of great minds ware self-taught persons.. So did we lost our courage or we already give up of nothing?


Photography Tutorial, tips, contest news site

I’ve recently launched a websit
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I hope great success of the site.

Get your Facebook updates in Google+

Google+ (social network) is the hottest topic in web now. Some people are calling it FB Killer but G+ is saying its new kind of social network. Who want to use Facebook from Google+ interface, here is the solution for them.

Step 1:

Goto this link and click on Get Google+Facebook button.

Step 1

Step 2:

A window will appear asking to Continue to install Google+Facebook extension. Click Continue.

Step 2

Step 3:

A F button will appear in Top. Click on the button and then the page will ask permission to Connect with facebook.

Step 3

Click on Connect With Facebook

Step 4

Step 4:

Allow the Request for Permission.

Step 5

Enjoy Facebook updates in Google+


Facebook from Google+

How to solve Google+, Blogger, Picasa image loading problem

I’ve always been a follower of Google services. Except few products, I try to use maximum google products. Everyday I use Google Search Engine, Gmail and Google Docs. Once I used to use Blogger and Picasa but after some time I replaced blogger with WordPress and Picasa with Flickr.

Right now Google+ (beta) is the hottest topic in cyber world. As being a regular use of Google Products, I was also soo much interested to have a G+ account but was waiting for an Invitation. Thanks to Ashabul Yeameen, who was aware of my desire and sent me the invitation.

After joining G+, first problem I faced is no Image was loading on my pc :O . Tried different ways to solve it then Marufur Rahman Opu, friend of my young brother suggested me to clear all cache from browser. I’ve done it but problem was not solved that time. But by miracle next the problem was solved automatically :O. Well I was happy and didn’t care about how it happened.

But After one week, the problem appear again and clearing cache wasn’t solving the problem :(. At the same time I come to know that Picasa and Blogger was also not working :((. Frustration was all over the sky…

I looked for help in Facebook and than a friend Picklu Debashish Debnath suggested me to change / update DNS. Here is the process how I solved the problem.

Well, before showing the solution, let me describe my Internet connectivity property.
I use QUBEE WiMAX Broadban service with Gigaset SX682 WiMAX modem. I use Windows 7 operating system. My friend Picklu use GP Internet who faced same problem. But the solution solved both of our problem.

Step 1: Open Network and Sharing Center
Right Click on Network icon in taskbar and choose Open Network and Sharing Center. Network and Sharing Center window will open.


Step 1: Open Network and Sharing Center

Step 2: Select Connections from view your active networks
In the second row named View your active networks, click on “Local Area Network” which will appear in right side of “Connections:”. A short status window will open.


Select Connections from view your active networks

Step 3: Select Properties
From the window “Local Area Connections* Status”, click on Property
* the name might be different in your pc


Select Properties

Step 4: Select Internet Protocol (IP) Version 4
From Local Area Connections Properties, select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click on Properties in bottom right.


Select Internet Protocol (IP) Version 4

Step 5: Use the following DNS Server addresses
From “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties” click on “Use the following DNS Server addresses:”
Set Preferred DNS server: and
set Alternative DNS server:

Click Ok and try Google+, Picasa and blogger.


Use the following DNS

I worked for me and no side affect is observed till now.. 😉

Happy Googling