About the blog

ancient humans started to paint symbols in cave for documentation or let other know their feelings.. symbols was their only language at that time.with time they started to write in leaf symbols transformed in letters. different forms of letters become different languages.. leaf become paper and today web become the biggest space to write & share! cave walls becomes the web blogs..

Photography blog named Ariful H Bhuiyan’s Travel & Photography inspired by Ahmed Sharif’s blog desherchobi. unfortunately i’ve stopped blogging there almost one year. i had some different blogs on my photo share, lyrics & shayari collection etc.
but its really tough to manage so many things and moreover i was planning to start some new blogging where I’ll share my ideas, feelings, thinkings, likes/unlikes , carrier related issues etc etc. so I planned to start a new blog being ariful h bhuiyan

this will be my single blog except my travel blog to share my all thinking, emotions, ideas, photos, knowledge etc etc.

i hope you will like this and i am sure your constructive/improvement suggestions will help me to improve this single portal. please post your comments on appropriate pages and posts.

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