How I am in Travel & Photography
I am a man, who always wants to observe everything I can. I don’t only use my eyes to observe but also try to use my mind. That’s help me to see both the physical and spiritual happening. Everything happening gives me some feelings and the feelings are some times good, some times bad, some times touchy, some times gives me anger again some times open my eyes.

But I am not a good vocal. I can’t express myself through my voice. I was looking for a media to let other know, what I love and what’s on my mind.

Whenever I went somewhere, I tried to capture some moments and suddenly I start uploading some photos in online. And then I found some Bangladeshi photographers community in Flickr.com

I got my media. Photographs can help me to express myself. I get involved with the photography community, buy a DSLR (Nikon D40) and star taking photos with them. That’s how I start my first step to traveling.

I star traveling in my country and wondering why I didn’t start it earlier. The main purpose of my traveling was photography, but I start enjoying the beauty of my country. Now I like to say myself an amateur traveler and amateur photographer.

How it helping me
I had very shallow knowledge about my country, philosophy a good man should have. But when I start working with a large group of photography (Through The Lens: Bangladesh), I meet many peoples & some of them become Ideal for me. I learned a lot from them. I learned about photography, people’s behavior trend, and knew many facts about Bangladesh and story, facts about many places. I become more conscious about nature, weather and wildlife. All of these open my eyes to see everything in different ways and I am happier with what I am now.

What I am doing now
My current activity related with Travel and Photography contains
Photo-walks:Most of photowalks arranged by my photography group TTL. We went some places to take photos. These photowalks are day long or half day program.
TTL Safari tours: These are 2/3 day long tours arranged by TTL. We try to have a tour in far of Dhaka. Still now (April, 09) we have visited Sundarbans, Hakaluki Haor, Tanguar Haor, Saint Martins & Bandarban under Safari tour.
Personal tours: My personal tours inside/outside of Dhaka.

Future Plan with it
My plan is to travel the whole Bangladesh as much many places as I can. I wants visit all places, internationally famous, nationwide famous, non-famous, every places.
I don’t only want to travel; I also want to make friends in every place, that’s how I might know more about those places, history, culture, financial situations etc.

Why Blog?
Well, I used to upload photos in my flickr photostream. But flickr is a photographer’s community and many peoples don’t know about flickr. So, I think my photos are not accessible to ever ones reach. Again only some photos might know show the full story of a place I’ve visited. Again I am not a good vocal but I have to try to improve myself. So, I though a blog can solve both problems. That’s how I stared my Travel and Photography blog.


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  1. hi there
    my professional life with advertising working as an art director. i like to see all creation also through my small camera. and interested to join your team. so please reply me soon thanks-mehedi-01726207044

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